fredag 15 november 2013

Exciting news coming up soon...And a card

I´m soon to reveal some Super Exciting News But until then, I thought i should share a Halloween card that I´ve done for a  very special person. I Just love playing with Graphic 45 papers, building little worlds and fantasize whilst creating them. Yes I know,I´m very childish-and proud of it! :) Anyway, the products I have used are: Graphic 45- The Magic of Oz, some Ivy branches from prima, clock-hands from Tim Holtz and a laser cut from Dusty Attic.

That´s about it! Hope you liked it!!
Have a Lovely weekend and take care
XXX Angelica

torsdag 31 oktober 2013

Once upon a time there was a little lamb called Saga..

As some of you know, my family has a small herd of sheep, and we all love these woolly and cute members of our family.This layout, " always a part of our family" is about a very special lamb, Saga. Though she is not with us anymore, she still has her own special place in my heart. Her mother rejected her, and I jumped in as a surrogate mother for her. I spent several days sleeping in the barn during her first week, because she was weak and very tiny. But the girl had a real fighting spirit, and made it against all odds, and she loved to kiss me, as you can see in the photo, where she´s pouting her lips to get a kiss :)

some closeups:

Tucked in the bow is a lock of her hair

Isn´t she just adorable? Kiss, kiss Saga <3

We miss you so much , but you will always be a part of our 

tisdag 22 oktober 2013

My gallery at

I have finally created my own gallery at, something i have thought of for a looong time! So I´m kinda pleased with myself right now! :)
Here´s the link to

 I´m just posting a quickie today-got a lot of scrappy things on my plate right now...
So here´s two projects that I´ve done with the gorgeous October kit from The Flying Unicorn:
The Harvest Faerie dress . A paper dress in an altered wooden frame:

And some closeups:

And an altered wooden house, with it´s inhabitants-the birdie family and their best buddy the scare crow:

Hope you liked my new Autumn inspired home deco :)
Have a lovely week everyone !

måndag 14 oktober 2013

Catching up..

Hi there :)
I thought I should update you with some LO.s that I have done a while ago. They were created for C.S.I challenges, and I´m quite happy with how they turned out.
The first one is called " I´m the keeper of their legacy". The old photo depicts the family that once built the cottage that I´m now living in, about 1905. I have carefully restored the house, garden and the cowshed, where I now keep my sheep.

The next layout os created to honor my greatest inspiration throughout my life, Karin Larsson. She was the wife of the <well known Swedish artist Carl Larsson. For many years her art, craft and unique  design has sadly been forgotten, but in the last couple of years she has she has received the status in the history of art that she deserves.Her famous home in Sundborn, Dalarna"Lilla Hyttnäs",is  a testament of her modern and bold interior design style, that caused a sensation in the late 1800s.

Hope you all have a lovely week 
XXX Angelica

måndag 30 september 2013

LO created for Once Upon A Sketch October challenge/ Flying Unicorn

Hi there :)
Today I will share a LO that I did for Once Upon A Sketch October challenge. Being a DT member of the super talented design team at Flying Unicorn, I got the opportunity to create for Nadias amazing sketch and journalling challenge blog this month, and I really enjoyed it! Flying Unicorn is sponsoring her site this month with the Gorgeous October kit Farmer´s Market & Hayrides., so i strongly advice you to jump in to this super fun sketch challenge and play-You have a chance to win it!! And OUAS is such a fun, inspiring and playful place to be playing at :)
Here´s Nadia Cannizzos wonderful sketch

The theme is Journey, and I have written about my youngest sons amazing journey these last two years.
It all started with this lovely gorgeous girl...Sophia.I guess you can say she-and his  darling daughter Emilia <3 are the love of his life.Well before that he was a very talented drummer in a heavy metal band with all that comes with it of rock'n roll life and traveling around to gigs. And I was really proud of him. Then Sophia came, and his life´s journey took another turn..My playful and carefree junior, grew to be a  responsible and enthusiastic father and  house owner who takes care of his family and estate in the best possible way. And loving every bit of it:)But he still plays drums, now as drum teacher:)
I have created the grungy background with Faber Castell Gelatos on a watercolor paper-I will post a tutorial on how id did later- and used Ingvild Bolmes cool Junkyard findings and Tim Holtz Fragments as embellishments.

Have a lovely week

Once Upon A Sketch:
Flying Unicorn:

torsdag 12 september 2013

I did not keep my promise...

Hi all my sweet and patient friends <3 . I did not keep my promise to post frequently... At all. And I´m so sorry. But the good thing is, that it´s newer too late to make a new fresh start! And i have two GREAT news ( not quite new as for today, but..) I have been invited to join two design teams since I last posted! C.S.I (Color Stories Inspiration) , and The Flying Unicorn. And I´m beyond thrilled to be a member of these two AMAZING teams! All my LOVE to Debbi(C.S.I) and Alda (Flying unicorn)for giving me this opportunity! <3 <3
Soo, what have I been up to then. A Lot ! So I think It´s best to give you one project at the time.

I will start with the newest and then go back in time

Color Hill Layout.

Color Hill is a Polish company, and I got some of their papers from Alda to play with. And I really did!The paper line is called Refresh collection and is so fun and playful.Had tons of fun creating this LO

T thought i should go with the kinda square theme that's going on in this line. So I cut the colored papers into squares in different shapes and sizes and did a lot of layering. Then I grabbed a mask with squares and and started to build up the background. And misted and misted and splattered a lot! Misting and masking is sooo fun :) I made three flowers out of white cardstock, and took an old one from my stash, threw in some cheese cloth, and wood embellies too. Doodled around the letters, and a bit here and there on the page. The beautiful woman is my mother back in the sixties. i thought the photo was perfect to this graphic and clean paper line. And that's all for today my friends. See you all tomorrow :)! I promise ... Take care, XOXO    Angelica

måndag 1 april 2013

C.S.I case 64 Songs from the wood

Howdy :)

I have solved another amazing case at C.S.I :) If you guys haven´t visited that awesome site, I think you should hurry over there and check out all amazing cases, and the creativity that abounds in the gallery!  I was too late this time(missed the deadline with a couple of minutes-my computer and I are not compatible at the moment :(...but uploaded it anyway. I Really Must try to finish my pages a day or two before deadline...!
I will take some closeups later, and post it :)
The title comes from an album with Jethro Tull, the first record I bought, sometime in the 70s.
Anyway, here´s the story(an essential part in solving the cases for me)written on the backside:
The forest has always been my second home.My cathedral, a sacred place where my troubled soul comes to rest. It is an enchanting and magical scene, and if you are very quiet, and look really,really close, you might see shy but curious inhabitants under moss-covered stumps or in small crevices by the the rippling stream. One should watch out where you put your feet down, so you do not step on someone's little home;) but feel free to put out small sparkly gifts in the glade, they love bling! As I sit on my stone at the woodland lake,with no other sound than the birds warble and the wind whispering in the trees. awakens my imagination and my true self to life. My thoughts wander freely, inspiration is being fueled and images emerge in my mind. There is time for reflection in the silence, no noise that disturbs, no stress from the outside world with its flickering media noise.The outside world feels very far away. In every breath I take,I feel how I grow, become healed and feel peace

Jethro Tull Songs From The Wood Lyrics:

Let me bring you songs from the wood:
To make you feel much better than you could know.
Dust you down from tip to toe.
Show you how the garden grows.
Hold you steady as you go.
Join the chorus if you can:
It'll make of you an honest man.
Let me bring you love from the field:
Poppies red and roses filled with summer rain.
To heal the wound and still the pain
That threatens again and again
As you drag down every lover's lane.
Life's long celebration's here.
I'll toast you all in penny cheer.
Let me bring you all things refined:
Galliards and lute songs served in chilling ale.
Greetings well met fellow, hail!
I am the wind to fill your sail.
I am the cross to take your nail:
A singer of these ageless times.
With kitchen prose and gutter rhymes.
Songs from the wood make you feel much better.

I hope you all have had a lovely easter, 
xxx Angelica

lördag 30 mars 2013

C.S.I. case 53 Marina´s story: Trapped in a golden cage

Ever since I was a child,I´ve been fascinated and inspired by people living in the past.Their life-stories, living conditions and their crafts.Now when I´m an adult, I collect antiques with a history. A few years ago I got two plastic bags of "junk" from a friend, which in turn was given them by her brother who works at an auction-house in Stockholm. They were to sell an antique chest of drawers, and emptied It´s contents in a few bags. His first thought was to throw the junk in the bin, but changed his mind.When I got "the junk", I spent a whole night sorting it, and gradually began to realize that "the junk" was in fact something rather amazing.In front of my eyes,the outlines of a person began to appear. A few pieces of paper fell out,and I got goosebumps. The first paper to appear was Marina Geijer´s wedding program from 1856,Next was her daughters school prom ticket from 1879, where the cavaliers had signed up for various dances. Then I saw a small silver casket,containing a lock of hair and a tiny tooth wrapped in an almost unreadable note.These treasures are on the photo in the frame.
In the bags were also exquisite embroidery, bobbin lace, doll clothing, haberdashery in ivory and silver, embroidered blouses and an armlet with the name Carl embroided in blue silk. I started searching on internet, and Marina Geijer´s life story unfolded before me.

  Journal (inside the envelope with the title):
Marina Geijer was an artistic and talented woman in the early 1800s.She died young, only 28 years old, giving birth to her third child, her daughter Marina Alida, who 16 years later went to the school-prom.
During her short life she created gorgeous silk embroidery, made intricate bobbin lace and sewed the most exquisite textiles.She also composed sonnets and made beautiful watercolor paintings. She and her fellow sisters of the affluent classes of society were expected to be submissive, gentle and delicate little creatures whose duty was to please, give birth to heirs and constantly walk in the shadows of their men.At that time, women in Sweden were legally incompetent and was considered to have shrunken brains.Fragile and infantile beings without much intellectual capacity. Tightly laced up in their corsets, they lived their lives quietly in the background,sadly overlooked by their contemporaries. When I think of them, I see the image of clipped songbirds before me, trapped in their golden cages,like beautiful home-decor items that amuses and pleases, but never get to try their wings. Their history is often sadly forgotten, because nobody considered it worth preserving. Their handicrafts has been contemptuously called "women´s wasted toil",and their dreams, desires and thoughts about life are shrouded in dim history.
I feel very honored to be the keeper of Marinas legacy.