måndag 14 oktober 2013

Catching up..

Hi there :)
I thought I should update you with some LO.s that I have done a while ago. They were created for C.S.I challenges, and I´m quite happy with how they turned out.
The first one is called " I´m the keeper of their legacy". The old photo depicts the family that once built the cottage that I´m now living in, about 1905. I have carefully restored the house, garden and the cowshed, where I now keep my sheep.

The next layout os created to honor my greatest inspiration throughout my life, Karin Larsson. She was the wife of the <well known Swedish artist Carl Larsson. For many years her art, craft and unique  design has sadly been forgotten, but in the last couple of years she has she has received the status in the history of art that she deserves.Her famous home in Sundborn, Dalarna"Lilla Hyttnäs",is  a testament of her modern and bold interior design style, that caused a sensation in the late 1800s.

Hope you all have a lovely week 
XXX Angelica

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